Unit 2 - Scratch

  • Student will create a Scratch game or animation by the end of this unit. They will discover the fun of creating an algorithm to accomplish a task.
  • The goal of the lesson is for you to build your skill analyzing and creating code, especially by thinking about the roles of variables.
  • Students will be introduced to the concept of data abstraction, which is the idea that programs can handle complicated data like images without the programmer having to worry about low-level details like zeroes and ones.
  • Students will work with and make minor modifications to Scratch programs in order to learn how to create their own programs.
  • Essential Questions
    • How do computers perform complicated tasks built from simple instructions?
    • How are variables used in programming?
    • How do programmers approach a complicated problem?
    • What role does creativity play in algorithmic programming?
    • What makes for a good process for collaborative software development?
  • Create a Scratch Game or Story Project
    • You will be acting as a software developer for your own project.
    • The project must be either a functional, approved game or story involving multiple variable types, inputs, outputs, and states.