Lesson 1.2 Mobile App Design

In the problem at the end of this lesson, you will create an Android app of your own design. The goal of the lesson is for you to build your skill analyzing and creating code, especially by thinking about the roles of variables. The lesson begins with an introduction to binary representation of numbers, letters, colors, images, and any other digital data. You will be introduced to data abstraction, which is the idea that programs can handle complicated data like images without the programmer having to worry about low-level details like zeroes and ones. You will work with and make minor modifications to two App Inventor programs and build your ability to analyze a complex program. As you conclude the lesson by designing and creating your own Android app, you will practice pair programming and the Agile software design process.

Essential Questions
  • What do programming languages and development environments have in common?
  • What can be represented by binary data?
  • What makes for a good software development process?
  • How can a program be analyzed, understood, and modified?

  • 1.2 Designing an App
    • You will be acting as a software developer for your own project.
    • The project must be either a functional, approved app involving multiple variable types, inputs, outputs, and states.