Day 06 - Software Design Process - 08.24.15

  • Submitting Google Docs
    • When you share a Google Doc with me, let me have rights to comment on it!
    • If you add text, change the color of the font.
    • Delete any part of the document that you are not answering or using.
    • Make sure you share your Scratch project.
    • Proper naming - "Number of Activity" + "-" + "Last Name"
    • Type in what you modified to the Scratch file.


Lesson Objectives
  • Q1 – How do computers perform complicated tasks built from simple instructions?
  • Q2 – How are variables used in programming?
  • Q3 – How do programmers approach a complicated problem?
  • Q4 – What role does creativity play in algorithmic programming?
  • Q5 – What makes for a good process for collaborative software development?

In-Class Help Requests