Day 33 - Summative Exam 1 - 02.19.16

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    • Pre-calculus
      • Slope
      • Equation of a Line
      • Secant Line vs. Tangent Line (video)
    • Derivative
    • Basic Differentiation Rules (checkpoints)
      • How can differentiation rules be used to find derivatives?
      • Constant Rule (video) (example)
      • Power Rule (video) (example)
      • Constant Multiple Rule (video) (example)
      • Sum and Difference Rule (video)
      • Derivative of Sine and Cosine Functions
    • Product Rule (video) and Quotient Rule (video) (checkpoints)
      • How can derivatives of the product/quotient of functions be calculated?
    • Chain Rule (video) (checkpoints)
      • How can derivatives of composite functions be found?
    • Implicit Differentiation (video) (checkpoints)
      • How can derivative of implicit function be calculated?
    • Related Rates (checkpoints)
      • How are are related rates calculated using differentiation?

          • Summative Exam 1

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            • Study!

            • APC.2
              • Define and apply the properties of limits of functions.
                • Limits will be evaluated graphically and algebraically.
                  • Includes:
                    • ​limits of a constant
                    • ​limits of a sum, product, and quotient
                    • ​one-sided limits
                    • ​limits at infinity, infinite limits, and non-existent limits
            • APC.3
              • Use limits to define continuity and determine where a function is continuous or discontinuous.
                • Includes:
                  • ​continuity in terms of limits
                  • continuity at a point and over a closed interval
                  • ​application of the Intermediate Value Theorem and the Extreme Value Theorem
                  • ​geometric understanding and interpretation of continuity and discontinuity