Day 22 - Implicit Differentiation - 02.03.16


Find the derivative of the following.
Note: Some of these are problems you have not seen yet.
Hint: Try to get y by itself on one side of the equation (if you can).

    1. x

    2. y

    3. 1

    4. 0

    5. none of the above

    1. 2

    2. 0

    3. none of the above

    1. none of the above

    1. none of the above

    1. impossible to solve


      • Challenge 6
        • Find the derivative of the following:
        • Hints will be given as needed.
        • No computers allowed!

      Exit Ticket
      • Posted on the board at the end of the block.

      • Study!

      • APC.2
        • Define and apply the properties of limits of functions.
          • Limits will be evaluated graphically and algebraically.
            • Includes:
              • ​limits of a constant
              • ​limits of a sum, product, and quotient
              • ​one-sided limits
              • ​limits at infinity, infinite limits, and non-existent limits
      • APC.3
        • Use limits to define continuity and determine where a function is continuous or discontinuous.
          • Includes:
            • ​continuity in terms of limits
            • continuity at a point and over a closed interval
            • ​application of the Intermediate Value Theorem and the Extreme Value Theorem
            • ​geometric understanding and interpretation of continuity and discontinuity