Day 01 - Intro - 01.05.15

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Bell Ringer
  • Intro to Mr. Ozarka
  • Ask your neighbor:
    • their favorite part of the first day of school
    • their least favorite part of the first day of school
  • Syllabus
  • Contact
  • Student Information Google Form
  • About This Class
    • The Problem With U.S. Math Teaching
  • In-class Help Requests
  • Bring headphones to class
    • Email me if this will be a problem for you.
  • Dual Credit Registration

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  • Math Overview (so far)
    • Numbers
    • Relationships
    • Shapes
    • Change
  • Limits

Exit Ticket
  • Input any questions, comments, concerns, etc. in the "Comments" section of this page.
Lesson Objectives
  • What is this class all about?
  • What is your current understanding of math?

In-Class Help Requests

  • APC.1
    • Define and apply the properties of elementary functions, including algebraic, trigonometric, exponential, and composite functions and their inverses, and graph these functions, using a graphing calculator.
      • Clarification Statement
        • Properties of functions will include domains, ranges, combinations, odd, even, periodicity, symmetry, asymptotes, zeros, upper and lower bounds, and intervals where the function is increasing or decreasing.

Past Checkpoints
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